About civitas
Civitas is a Play & Earn community-driven 4X strategy game. Collaborate with thousands of like-minded individuals to craft the best society possible and carve out your place in the community to compete or cooperate with other player controlled cities. Powered by the blockchain, it provides fully decentralized NFT asset ownership and DAO governance.

As a citizen you will own one or more plots of land located within a large city. Harvest, mine, and gather different resources available on your land. NFT structures are able to process these resources into other goods needed for crafting and upgrading.

Go out on real world adventures through our Augmented Reality experience. Find resources, play minigames, and discover rare NFTs.
CITI tokens are ERC20 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides acting as the in-game currency they are also used for governance in the DAO and other utilities in the game.
DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and is the governance model for Civitas. As a CITI token owner you can participate in the DAO and vote on the overall direction and vision for the game itself

Introducing subDAO. Owning land in a particular city gives you access to the city specific subDAO, its own independent government. The Jus Honorum Council is made up of players who have been voted into positions of power and can influence the direction and evolution of the city using the subDAO system, including but not limited to:

1. Skill tree upgrades for their city’s Tower.
2. subDAO treasury to reward citizens who contribute.
3. Design and manage their yield staking, and the rewards from their own treasury.
Most definitely. We are not ready to share the specific timings of such events but you can expect something in Q2 2022. Stay tuned!
Yes. Players that own land will be able to stake CITI tokens in said land for rewards. Furthermore, each city is a subDAO and will be able to do their own staking within their city. The council, along with its citizens, will decide on their own staking rewards which come from the city’s treasury.
We are aiming for an early access release in 2023, but we will provide more details as we continue to develop the game.
The process will be announced on our Discord & Twitter at the appropriate time.
There will be an option to play for free, although to participate in city governance and growth you will need to buy a plot of land. The Civitas DAO is accessible to anyone who owns CITI tokens.
Players can earn in-game rewards in CITI tokens and NFTs through passive resource harvesting, quests, trading, and Augmented Reality exploration.
Yes. We aim to be fully cross-platform with an Augmented Reality component on AR-enabled mobile devices.
An NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the blockchain. NFTs are unique with verifiable scarcity, and usually in the form of digital goods. In Civitas they represent in-game items including, but not limited to, buildings, apparel, land, collectibles, and in-game progress tokens.

NFTs give you complete property rights over your in-game items, and you can trade them freely on the marketplace.
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